Premises Liability


Premises liability refers to the legal responsibility all property owners have to ensure that their property is unlikely to harm someone by accident. If someone gets injured from an encounter with the owner's property, that owner could be held liable for failing to properly manage or keep the property up to the legal standard.

If you were recently injured as a result of bad property maintenance, you may have grounds for a claim against owner of the property. An injury lawyer from Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers can examine your case for free if you contact us at (855) 862-7258.

Types of Premises Liability

Any candidate for a premises liability lawsuit would have to be injured as a direct result of some feature of the property. Owners have an affirmative duty to make their property reasonably safe for people entering their property. The only exception to this liability is if you were trespassing on the property--in that circumstance, you would be solely responsible for any injuries you suffered.

Violations of premises liability can include:

  • Poor maintenance leading to a slip and fall incident
  • Inadequate security leading to robbery
  • Loose roof material that serves as a falling hazard
  • People drowning in open swimming pools
  • Exposed live electrical wire
  • Open containers of chemicals
  • Improperly-built staircases
  • Building code violations

If you suffer an injury as a result of any of the above conditions or another property-maintenance oversight, you may have grounds for a lawsuit with the help of a lawyer. In order to hold the owner liable, the lawyer must prove that the property owner either:

  • Created the dangerous conditions on the property
  • Knew about the conditions but did nothing to fix them
  • Did not know about the conditions when a reasonable person would have known about them

As with medical malpractice, a lot of this depends on vague legal definitions of what constitutes a "reasonable person." But the experienced and knowledgeable injury attorneys from Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers can help. They've tried many similar cases and are familiar with the Ontario court system.

Premises Liability for Hamilton, Burlington, and Niagara Falls

At Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers, we treat every client as the individual they are. We do our best to help you navigate the difficulties of premises liability law, which can be difficult to grasp at first. If you'd like to hear our take on your premises liability case, contact us by calling (855) 862-7258. We serve Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and communities in the south of Ontario.

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