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At Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers  service is something we take very seriously. And after more than 35 years serving our community, we have learned that it comes down to two things:

Number one, it’s about providing the kind of caring, passionate and wise counsel that wins cases – because our clients deserve nothing less. Second, it means working in the community in ways that will prevent injuries from happening in the first place – a form of service we consider both a privilege and responsibility.

Whether you’ve experienced a devastating car accident or debilitating slip and fall injury…or happen to run into us at an acquired brain injury event or one of our many helmet safety clinics, remember one thing… we’re on your side.

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17 Apr

 Distracted driving has been taken to a new level with as many as 1 in 14 teens and young adults taking selfies as they are driving. They are adding hashtags such as #drivingselfie #driving and #drivingintherain as they post them to Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Some have gone as far as to post selfie-videos even while on motorcycles using hashtags like [...]

01 Apr
Hamilton Pedestrian Accidents Increase with Warmer Weather

After a long cold Winter, Spring brings the warmer air and sunshine which also brings out more pedestrians.  Over the past weekend at least 2 pedestrians were struck by vehicles as they attempted to cross Hamilton streets. On Friday night a young woman was crossing at Main Street West and Thorndale Street South when she was struck by a vehicle [...]

25 Feb
Holding on tight: Leeann Corbeil connects Findlay to the community

Colour photo of Leeann Corbeil in a Ticats tshirt holding a pink bicycle helmet

Ask Leeann Corbeil what she does in her role as Director of Community Partnerships for Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers and she’ll smile. “That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?” she says. “It’s something new every day.”

She’s seen her job evolve since joining the firm in October of 2012 [...]

“I certainly would recommend Findlay Attorneys to family and friends – we felt safe in your hands. Thank you.”
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On Your Side.

At Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers we only represent injured persons, which means we do not work on behalf of insurance companies. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you through this difficult time, help you get well, and hopefully get you back to your normal life. That is always the best result.